Monday, 15 June 2015

Magic Team Won The Conference Championship Games

This is what happened when the Magic Team Won the
New Zealand Conference Championship Game.


  1. Kia Ora Alicia,

    I'm impressed with the amount of information you have shared on your infographic, including the score. I like the way the colour shows the answers very clearly. I'm wondering if the different colour backgrounds mean anything?

    Mrs Krausse

  2. Bula Vinaka Mrs Krausse
    Hello Mrs Krausse. Thank you for the comment you have sent me from my Current Events. The Question that you have asked me about the different coloured backgrounds meant anything the answer is actually no because I just like the colours that way.
    From Alicia

  3. Current Events
    Kia Ora Alicia I like your current event poster I never knew that the Waikato Bay Of Plenty Magic was playing against
    the Northern Mystics. This is a very interesting poster. I have done one too the colour of your current events really stands out. I am impressed with the amount of detail in your work.
    From Meana


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